HEXROLL 2nd Edition
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Hexroll Backpack is the offline viewer for 2E sandbox snapshot files
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Click for a Sandbox

Generate a random OSR sandbox in under a minute. You'll get an interactive hex map, dungeon maps and settlement maps together with NPCs, monsters, treasures and quest hooks.

Hex Crawling

Crawl though the hex map and get clear & terse descriptions, randomly generated for you to work with on the spot. No preparation is needed.

Dungeon Crawling

Crawl through randomly generated dungeons and lead your party to fortune, glory.. or doom!

Downtown Downtime

Visit cities, towns and villages with annotated maps courtesy of WATABOU, together with generated NPCs, taverns, inns, shops and services for your PCs to make use of.

Play Offline

Liberate your sandbox! Download a pre-rendered snapshot file and view it offline using Hexroll Backpack. All exported content from Hexroll 2E is licensed as Creative-Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike and OGL.

Edit and Re-roll

Want to tweak things further? Not a problem. You can add, remove or re-roll sandbox entities. You can also directly edit the content and add your own lore or link inspiring images.

Online VTT Maps

HEXROLL now has a built-in VTT mode. Share and reveal your hex map and dungeon maps, hex by hex and area by area - online and in realtime. Add PC or monster tokens that you or your players can control.

Solo Mode

Generate a sandbox in solo mode (online only) and have it reveal to you as you crawl from hex to hex. Most spoilers in the text will be masked as well (using the no-spoilers mode).

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What are you getting during the BETA?

Feature Everyone Patreon Subscribers ††
Roll a Sandbox
Download and view offline
Sandbox online features Ephemeral
Online Mapping Tools ✓ †
Online Content Editing/Rerolling ✓ †
Online VTT Mode ✓ †
Extra map themes
Persistent map state Browser-only
Extra Sandbox Backup
Service Availability Best Effort Monitored
Discord Access Standard Full

† To conserve storage, ephemeral sandboxes are kept online for one month and then get discarded. Download your ephemeral sandbox for offline viewing when you're done generating and editing it.
†† Patreon 'Brave Adventurers' sandboxes are non-ephemeral and use non-expiring online storage with backup.